What’s this? Like the PlayStation VR units when they first came out were sold out, the Farpoint Bundles are also sold out. If you check Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and Gamestop…they are all SOLD OUT!

So what does one do in this situation? Well there are 3rd party sellers on Amazon and eBay who are selling, but at what cost would one be willing to pay for awesomeness? Is the Aim Controller worth it…YES! Is Farpoint worth it…YES! So your best bet is to wait and see if your local store will be taking names for a place holder or wait list.

But there is hope! Impulse Gear and Sony are aware and working on the situation as fast as possible…

The Aim Controller is not some cheap piece of plastic, it’s something Sony had planned out and even on the PlayStation VR boxes. Some laughed when the PlayStation VR was announced and mocked it. Some played the wait and see game. Some were the early adopters who believed. And now Farpoint with the combination of the Aim Controller is not just a gaming experience, but a VR experience everyone needs to experience. For those early adopters and believers out there, sometimes we may get laughed at and mocked, but some times it pays off. For the ones that maybe played the wait and see game or possibly laughed…sometimes it pays off.

This is not something you will find on any other VR platform and I for one am proud to be part of something that was thought back long ago and you should to, Brah!