Braaaahhh!! We know you want a taste of Housemarque’s latest top-down arcade shooter, Nex Machina!!! There’s going to be a closed beta, so here’s your chance!


The selection process is limited, so don’t be disappointed if you’re not selected. The beta begins this Friday, May 26 and runs to next Thursday, June 1. 

Also, if you’re looking to stream, you might want to read their policy for how it’s going to work. 

No live streaming of the game is allowed at this point, but if you want to capture materials for later release on YouTube, we will have guidelines for content creation. All gameplay footage from the beta is open to be captured and used in videos.

Only UI and game menus are restricted in the current form. If a video contains UI or menu parts, it needs to be cleared on the “media” Discord channel of the dedicated Nex Machina Discord hub. We will send invites to Discord for selected participants.

All videos to be published are recommended to be posted in the channel so they can be then shared on our social media.

Good luck to us all! After playing the demo at GameStop, THE BRAH WANTS MORE!!!

Nex Machina brings the madness on June 20 to PS4 and PCs worldwide. Take a look at the chaotic co-op!!