Participation time!! How many of you Resident Evil fans went to see the last film in the live-action movie series? Oh. One of you did! Congrats!!! Don’t let me know how it is, because I don’t care. Stopped watching them three movies ago. Good news! The series is over. 

BUT IT’S NOT!!!! According to Variety, the Resident Evil live-action movie franchise is getting a REBOOT!!!!
Look, I understand the franchise has made over $1.2 billion as a whole, but look at the Rotten Tomatoes ratings ratings. The highest-rated film? A 35%. Stop the madness!!!!
You guys know me. I try to look at things in a positive light. I enjoyed the first two films, after that? Blah. BLAH. BLAAAAAH. If they’re rebooting it to make it more like Resident Evil 7, I’ll give it a shot. Maybe.
If I had the rights to make a new Resident Evil film? It would be a series. A Netflix series. It would be Brahsome. You trust me, right?
Here’s to 7 more Resident Evil films. #eyeroll