Well not too often do we have a deal that is related to PlayStation VR, so when there is, it must be known to all. I have also wanted to do a PlayStation VR beginners guide for those who may have been waiting to get PS VR or just waiting for that right deal. I have been asked by some to help suggest some PlayStation VR games, accessories, and information regarding PlayStation VR and I am always happy to do so. With all that said, here is the PlayStation VR beginners guide.

If you are new to PlayStation VR hopefully you already have a PS4. If you want the absolute best experience, then you will want to get a PS4 PRO as it will help with some of the details within the experience. If not any PS4 will do. Next you will need the PlayStation VR itself. If you go to Best Buy and you buy a PlayStation VR headset, you can select either DriveClub VR,  PlayStation VR Worlds or Until Dawn: Rush of Blood for free.

PS VR, video games Until Dawn: Rush of Blood - Other|PlayStation 4 - Front Zoom

All you have to do is go here for the PlayStation VR deal and select the PlayStation VR headset and then select your free game. I will say this that Rush of Blood on Amazon is $12.09 and check Target’s clearance section as a few weeks ago they had it for like $8.00. And Amazon has DriveClub VR for $29.99. So if you wanted the best deal and wanted to get all three games, you would select PlayStation VR Worlds as your free game and have Best Buy price match the other two.

Now this deal does not include the two Move Controllers which you will need for the absolute best PS VR experience, so if you are needing the move controllers, you can get the two pack. Best Buy has them for $91.99 or have them price match with Amazon for $85.31.

Sony - PlayStation® Move Motion Controller (2-Pack) - Front Zoom

You will also need the PlayStation Camera. Well at Best Buy they have it for $39.99.

Sony - PlayStation®Camera for PlayStation 4 (New) - Front Zoom


So if you buy separately the final cost would be the PlayStation VR headset ($399) + the two Move Controllers ($99) + the PlayStation Camera (59.99) + PlayStation VR Worlds ($39.99) which comes to a total of if not on sale is normally $597.98 + tax. With this weeks Best Buy sale and selecting PlayStation VR Worlds as your free game and price matching with Amazon $524.30 + tax. Buying separately does cost more OR you could head over to Amazon and get the PlayStation Launch Bundle for $499 that includes the PlayStation VR headset, the PlayStation camera, the two move controllers and PlayStation VR Worlds. Which is the better deals if you have the money to spend.

You can get the Launch Bundle at Best Buy or Amazon.

Next you will want a stand to put the PlayStation VR headset on, because you do not want this setting on the ground. Be happy and display this properly. I would strongly suggest the Collective Minds Rapid AC charge and display stand. Not only will it display your PlayStation VR helmet, but will charge two DS4 controllers, two move controllers, and also has a place to hold your headset and charge that as well. When it is charging, the lights around it are red and when it’s fully charged, the lights are blue. In the dark it almost looks like a Tron tank. I personally have this and it is awesome. You can get it at Amazon for $34.99.

I will soon be doing a follow up with some of the best games and experiences for PlayStation VR, so until next time, enjoy the rest of your day and keep doing the thing we all love to do and that’s gaming. Game on, Brah!