Fans of Bloodborne, I hope your ready to skipping buying groceries for the next month or so, because you’re going to need this super-detailed statue of The Hunter to hang above your mantel!!

Who needs food when you can show off this beauty!?! Sculpted by the masters at Prime 1 Studio, this figure of the iconic Hunter is LEGIT!! Seriously, this figure looks Brahsome. 

Standing at a whopping 32-inches tall, you’ll be paying $25 for each inch of awesomeness. It also features a variety of interchangeable limbs and weapons. All for $800. Who needs money when you can brag that you own one of these masterpieces???! PLUS there’s only going to be 1,250 made! It’s like you’re in a special club for totally devoted Bloodborne fans! 

Before you rush to buy yourself one of these bad buys, Mr. Moneybags, you need to know that it won’t ship anywhere from July to possibly September.. of 2018. Quite the commitment. 

If you’re REALLY, REALLY interested, click here. All I ask is that you buy The Brah one? Maybe? No? Well, didn’t hurt to ask.