Golfing in the Galaxy…


There used to be a cartoon called the Jetsons. It was about a family in the future lived and how we all imagined the future would be. One of the things that George loved to do in his spare time was to play golf. Ever since seeing how the golf courses were floating in the air and the way the Jetsons would travel through space, I knew that one day that Golf in outer space would become a reality, well today is that virtual reality day.

Moonshot Galaxy takes you golfing in outer space in only a way that lift-off labs and VR could bring. Golfing is what you would expect, get the ball in the holes in as few as many shots as possible. But you might think that might not be fun. Let me tell you this, that is where normal golfing similarities end. Moonshot Golf can be played with a DS4, but you will want to play with both move controllers. With one controller you can hold the mini planet and shoot with the other.

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Moonshot Galaxy has four courses:

  • Pleasant Hills – is your simple grassy green courses.
  • Forbidden Island – tropical tiki courses.
  • Frosty Brimstone – lava and ice combined will keep you challenged.
  • Moonshot Mining Co. – full of tracks and contraptions that you will need to figure out where you need to go next.

Each course has nine holes with two different levels. Going into Moonshot Galaxy I was hoping to experience something that I was hoping it would be, a refreshing and fun take of golf in a way that is challenging yet relaxing. I do appreciate all the levels of each course had it’s own twist and personality. I really loved when the final course on Forbidden Island started to fight back and that put a smile on my face. And I must applaud the music on Moonshot Mining Co. If you like Cirque du Soleil, then you will enjoy the music. I really enjoyed every aspect of the game and how each course had its own leaderboards. Moonshot Galaxy is available now for the amazing price of only $9.99. Do yourself a favor and go get this game now.

A review copy was provided and this is one of those games that would be a missed opportunity and would be a welcomed purchase for PS VR owners. To learn more about Moonshot Galaxy please visit the site.

Visit Liftoff-Labs to learn more about them and please follow them on Twitter @LiftoffVR as you never know what magical game they may make next. Until next time, I need to get back and get the best scores in Moonshot Galaxy.

In case you missed the trailer, please enjoy. Until next time, I’m got some more rounds to play.