With the Destiny gameplay reveal coming tomorrow, more and more D2 leaks, true or not, have surfaced. This latest rumor though… it’s quite big. Now, look what the headline says, this is completely RUMORED. You ready? Here we go.

A NeoGAF user by the name of “ThatsMytrunks” dropped some rumors on the infamous message boards in a post regarding Destiny 2. Remember these could be 100% incorrect. 

everything is fine and dandy until you get to the “the next PS4″. NEXT. PS4. Wait. Whaaaaaa? What the hell does that mean?! Could Sony really be prepping an answer to the Xbox Scorpio? Or is Bungie merely “future proofing” the game for the next round of consoles? Are these “mid-gen” console refreshes really the route both Sony and Microsoft are going to take?? 

Too many questions. Not enough answers. Thankfully, this could all be 100% false. Because like I stated, this article is covering a rumor. But with every rumor, there’s a small truth. How long will Sony let Microsoft be king of console graphics’ hill? 2017 isn’t going to give us many answers.

2018? That my friends, could be one helluva’ interesting years for gamers..