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When certain games come out, I like to think about what if. What if Joe Dirt, Duke Nukem, and Kid Rock were combined and living in the swamps as an exterminator, what would that be like? I will tell you what it would be like, just like Dick Wilde.

When you first look at Dick Wilde just by the screens you might think oh it’s just a wave shooter and there are dozens of those. Well, I can honestly say that this is just not the case. Yes, Dick Wilde is a wave shooter, but there is something special here. You start out in your cabin and before you even begin the game, you can shoot at things in the cabin to interact with, which I had fun doing that alone. From shooting the fish on the wall to the radio on the desk, it’s all fun. Once you start you are given a map which will tell you if it’s hard or not, then once you select your area, you are brought up to the weapon selection. You can choose a shotgun to a paintball gun with a grenade launcher to an electric bow.

Image result for dick wilde

Image result for dick wilde

In Dick Wilde, you will have gators, piranhas, fish that spit, seagulls that will aim their poop at you, and your job is to dodge out of the way as you shoot to clear each wave. The humor that is said just fits the tone of what Dick Wilde aims to be, just fun. And speaking of aim, this is fully compatible with the new Aim Controller and it works very, very well. Now if you don’t have the Aim Controller, that is ok as you can also use the two move controllers and have a weapon in each hand. After each wave, you are given four choices. You can either have more health, turret, mines, or gun replacement.

What also sets Dick Wilde apart from other wave shooters is the leaderboards. Unlike other wave shooters that once you die it will have a leaderboard, in Dick Wilde, each weapon has it’s own leaderboards which I found to be something special and refreshing touch. Keep in mind that there is no movement and you are not in the middle of the water searching for crocks or standing in a boat and that is perfectly fine. It doesn’t need to be that. It needs to be what it aimed to be, a comical shooter with a Southern aspect where you try and be the best and outshoot your friends or the world.

I appreciate the fact that you can just pick it up and play either for a few rounds or for many hours. There is a party mode where you try to beat your friends locally. I loved being there in that virtual world and have a good old time just shooting and dodging everything that came at me. Dick Wilde is out now for PlayStation VR for $14.99 through the PlayStation Store and from Playstack and developed by Bolverk Games. A review copy was provided and honestly, even if there was not a review copy, I would be more than happy to have bought this game. Some games are made and played a few times and forgotten, but sometimes a real treat comes by that should not be passed up and Dick Wilde is that treat that has that special Southern draw along with the comical comments that will keep you wanting to play and put a smile on your face.

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Enjoy the launch trailer and then go get Dick Wilde