This is what I like to hear!!! Final Fantasy fans celebrated the news when the often rumored Final Fantasy XII remaster was finally revealed. The Zodiac Age HD remaster is no simple, half-ass remaster like some games this generation. 

Nope! Square Enix has fixed load times, added quick save features, added a turbo mode, added the ability to learn two jobs in the game, and even fixed Vaan’s abs! Why? Because The team behind the Remaster wanted to give the game the royal treatment; so that old fans and new fans can appreciate the greatness that is Final Fantasy XII. In an interview with, director Takashi Katano and producer Hiroaki Kato talked about updating the game, making it more accessible for modern gamers and how they want new gamers to enjoy the game.

One of the biggest reasons, obviously, was to make the contents from the International Zodiac Job System edition available to players in the West. The other one was that we didn’t want to simply make a cosmetic upgrade, because with the change in hardware, the way people play games and what people expect from games has changed somewhat. So the way we did it is that we wanted to make a game that would be accessible by modern gamers. 

We spent around the same amount of time as you would to develop a new game, to make it like a new game for the modern day rather than a simple remaster. Of course we want those who played the original game to enjoy it and have a new and exciting experience, but we also think the game is so good that we want new players to experience it too. Certainly, a new generation of Final Fantasy players, who maybe started with FFXV, are now looking for another Final Fantasy to play. We thought that we really needed to make a game that they would pick up and enjoy, and be able to get into very easily.

Said Producer Kato when asked about why they chose the Zodiac Age remaster instead of the original version. The Duo talk more about the game and I highly recommend reading it. You can really see their passion for the game in their answers. If you want to know more about the game, read full-length article here. Final Fantasy fans, you won’t be disappointed!

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age looks to some adventure to your summer on worldwide on July 11.