Brah. Are you ready for this? We know that the PlayStation VR’s audience is a small slice of the PlayStation 4’s pie BUT this one of the biggest games released so far on it this year, so it defiantly deserves some lovin’. That is why we have dedicated the next PlayStation BRAHcast to showcasing Farpoint!! BEHOLD!!!

That’s right, Soldier!!! Gear up, grab your gun, and join in on the fun as we risk our asses to save the fate of the universe!!!! TUESDAY MAY 16, 9PM CST!!!

For now though, why not give this ultra-cool unboxing video a watch?

OR watch the TV commercial for the game..which features..tons of sand??

We have also covered the game over the past few months! If you’re seriously interested in the game, read our articles to get a taste of what to expect:

The King of PS VR, PSgamingVR, talks about the different options to choose from if you might be buying the game. 

Mr. PSgamingVR also talked about the future of the AIM controller and what other games will be compatible with it.

Farpoint went GOLD back in April. May 16, here we come!

One of the main modes we will be focusing on this Tuesday..THE FARPOINT¬†CO-OP MODE!! Best friends… OR WORST ENEMIES?!?

Come this Tuesday. Be there to see us offer our early impressions of the game. Be there to see us betray one another via friendly fire. Be there to see us run from gigantic spider aliens like little Brah b!tches!! It’s gonna be epic, Brah!!