Oh lord. Here we go. AGAIN. Crash fans were rewarded last year with the announcement of the Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy. Spyro fans? Well, he kind of became the ‘main character’ in the Skylander series. Most fans weren’t too happy of this decision, especially fans of the original trilogy of the PS1. Could Spyro be getting his own Trilogy Remaster? Doubt it. Buuuuut. Look at this image that PlayStation Netherlands posted on their Facebook account.

Kratos. Crash. Kat. Sack boy. Parappa. Spyro.

No big deal. Wait. WHY IS SPYRO A PART OF THE LINEUP?!? When asked, PN said that it didn’t mean anything. The image was posted as part of the “Eurovision” song contest and the image’s description was something along the line of “and the 12 points goes to”. 

Still. So…odd that Spyro is in there. Then again, Activision owns Crash. Could this be a hint? Doubt it.

Oh well! Nothing to see. Move along, move along.