Brahs!! For those of you who didn’t want to spend the greens to gain access to the closed beta for Marvel Heroes Omega, your patience has paid off!!! Developer Gazillion announced the open beta goes live on May 23!! 

For those of you who’ve been enjoying the closed beta, player progression will be wiped on May 18, with those who bought into the closed beta (Founder’s packs) gain early access to the open beta on May 19!

If that’s not enough for you, The Brah without Fear, Daredevil, will be FREE to download off the PlayStation Store!

I highly recommend downloading the open beta and giving it a shot! It’s like Diablo but with Marvel Heroes and villains! Me and the Lil’ Brah had plenty o’ fun running around the Marvel universe using the couch co-op mode which also allows you to play online with your pals! Double nice.

So Assemble my fellow Brahs! It’s time save the universe!!!