An experience can be anything from a game to something viewed on Youtube. When PlayStation VR released this past October, it came with some of those. We had Rush Of Blood (totally awesome), Batman, Super Hyper Cube, R.I.G.S (keep this one alive), Job Simulator (oh the humor) to name a few. Since then we have gotten more releases every week and even YouTube can be viewed in VR along with Hulu and even the excellent Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. VR is something that we can escape to. Something where we are part of that world. Something where time flies and can be ok with.

Yes, we have Farpoint and the aim controller coming out with the Aim Controller that will surely be used very well in the future. PlayStation VR is the number one VR hardware. But like with any platform, one might question, where is the one killer experience for me? If you look at Google’s Tilt Brush. You can create art all in a VR space. Not sure what Tilt Brush is, then check this out:

This is what PlayStation needs. It needs its Tilt Brush. But don’t we have it now? Well yes and no. We have Harmonix Music VR. Which if you want something that is as close as we can get on PlayStation that is it. Harmonix Music VR allows you to enjoy as well as create. It allows you to add your own music. Then based on the music selected, the art and atmosphere can go along with that music. Which I do find awesome as well as relaxing. I can sit on the beach and just sit back and enjoy the show. If I want to create, I select the easel mode and add whatever tracks and then you use the two move controllers. One controls the options of what you can use and can also grab your art so you can move away or as close as you want. The other allows you to create your art. If you don’t want your art to go along with the music, there is a slider that you can move all the way down.

But is this the killer experience? The killer app? Maybe to some. But one thing that Harmonix Music VR is missing with the easel and the art freedom that Tilt Brush has, is the more options of brushes and colors. The colors when using the easel change on their own, so I wish it had that option. But could there be something more coming up in the future. As of now, Google has no plans to release Tilt Brush on PlayStation VR, which honestly is a shame. But what is coming is Dreams by Media Molecule.

Dreams was supposed to at least have a beta in 2016 and hopefully we get something at E3 with some news or maybe a beta to play by the end of 2017. If you are not familiar with Media Molecule, they have made some games that you probably heard of such as LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway, so they know what they are doing and maybe it’s a good thing we have this time. But in Dreams you will be able to create and there will be user levels to explore and add to.

But is Dreams the killer experience? Maybe. But what with more shooters coming to PlayStation VR and more horror titles coming as well, PlayStation VR needs more art and creation. Until then, keep showing your interest to the developers and Sony and who knows what the true killer experience may be?