Here’s an awkward rumor for you. Remember when Thomas Mahler, developer of Ori and the Blind Forest said that the PS4 Pro is a “half-assed” console? GUESS WHAT?!? He’s back again with another comment on NeoGAF. This time, getting gamers hopes and dreams sky high. 

How so? Bloodborne II. I have your attention now, eh? Many consider the original to be the best exclusive on the PS4. Some say it’s the best game on the PS4, period. Sooo yeah, this is pretty big news.

Mr. Mahler commented on a NeoGAF thread that asked the question: Will we be seeing Bloodborne II at E3. His response?

“I’m 99% certain we’ll see it :)”

Oh Lordy. Thomas!!! Do you realize what you’ve done??! You’ve put yourself into a dangerous situation!! IF this is true, people will love you. If not.. your Pony Enemy Number 1!!!

Ok, joking aside. If this happens, talk about a bombshell!! Sony’s Presser is just over a month away. SOON, BRAH!!! S O O N ! ! ! !