Do you remember hearing about Lost Soul Aside? The Korean indie developed game that looked as good, if not better, than the game that inspired it, Final Fantasy XV? The craziest part.. ONE GUY MADE THIS!! Look at it!!!

Yang Bing, you the man!! It didn’t take long for gaming companies to take notice. Sony quickly appeared, striking a deal with Yang Bing, as the game is currently a timed PS4 exclusive. Yang then went on to create his own gaming studio: Ultizero Games Studio.

As part of the ‘Chinese Hero Project’, PlayStation has released a new video with Yang discussing the journey he has had developing the title so far. 

Brah. The game looks freagin’ wild!! If you would like to know more about the game you can ‘like’ the official Facebook account or the Twitter account. 

With E3 coming soon, perhaps some new Lost Soul Aside gameplay footage will come our way.