Here I am b!tchin’ on Twitter about websites reporting news late and BOOM. Some possible (small) Final Fantasy VII Remake news passed right by without us even knowing it. Maybe.

Back on April 27, Steve Burton, aka THE Voice of Cloud Strife (Dude has been voicing him for awhile now!), tweeted about some upcoming voice work..for none other than one of the most famous Final Fantasy characters around..Cloud Strife!! 

Soooooo. Was it Final Fantasy VII Remake VO’s? Or perhaps Kingdom Hearts III? Or knowing our luck, it’s some cellphone crossover game. Dangit.

E3 inches closer and closer everyday. We haven’t seen any major footage of FFVII RE since PSX 2015. The timing seems right. Square Enix. PlayStation. YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO! SUMMON DAT’ NEW GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE!!!