Get ready, for when next week hits, on May 16th, not only does Farpoint come out, but also the Aim Controller. You will have three different options.

Buy the game itself either physical or digital for $49.99:


You can buy the Aim Controller separate for $49.99 – $59.99 depending on retailer (remember you don’t have to buy the Aim Controller as you will be able to use the move controllers and the ds4 controller):

Or you could do the smart thing and buy the Farpoint Bundle for $60 -$79.99 (again depending on retailer. Amazon had the lowest price for the bundle, but has sold out):

But some are wondering about the future of the Aim Controller. Oh, this is just the beginning. Not only is the code for the Aim Controller open source, which means that anyone can develop for it, but on May 16th, along side Farpoint, Dick Wilde should be released that will have Aim Controller support. No price on the PlayStation Store, but it should be around $19.99.

It also turns out that The Brookhaven Experiment will be getting a Aim Controller patch in the future. In case you have not heard of or yet to try The Brookhaven Experiment, I will say this…you do have very limited batteries for your flashlight while monsters are attacking you. How long will you last?

The Brookhaven Experiment is currently $19.99 through the PlayStation Store.

So I for one am very excited about what the Aim Controller will bring to PS VR in new ways of playing. Until next time.