Back in the day when MTV actually was about music and videos (no really) and before YouTube, artists strived to get their videos seen. Now all you have to do is upload your own video and watch it spread. Just ask the new singer of Journey who is now touring with them. When music videos such as Take On Me came on, I knew that one day the way we experience music would change.

Sure, there have been music games that we could play on our phones to go with the music, but I knew it would get to a new level. This is where VR comes in. Once Google’s Tilt Brush hit the scene, that was it. Even though there are no plans to bring Tilt Brush to PS VR, there are still ways to experience that level of immersion. On the PSVR we have Harmonix Music VR where it’s like Tilt Brush where you can draw and watch them come to life to the beat of the music (yes you can use your own music).

But that one day of expecting and wishing the music and the way we experience it truly changed when today I experienced The Chainsmokers Paris VR on PlayStation VR. From the start of letting you know it is best to sit and to look around I knew something special would come out of this. Starting with the band who are an American DJ/producer duo consisting of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. Alex Pall is asleep and Andrew Taggart is wondering what is going on in his head and from that it starts on this roller coaster of happiness that only VR can bring. But this is not just a sit back and watch type of experience. No, this is a interact with the experience. You move your head and lights explode, trees wave in the wind and pictures reveal themselves.

This is truly one of the greats and why I am happy to own a PS VR since day 1. I just wish more artists take note and maybe just maybe The Chainsmokers and with Russell Harding  and Sony can do more in the future and maybe bring back MTV…a VR MTV.