By the time you read this, you’ll have probably read 75 other various predictions by other peeps claiming they have insiders who’ve told them how Sony’s Presser is going to go down. Well, sorry…but I have to be honest with you. I have no insiders nor do I know any. Gotta keep it real, folks! This is half my fanboy dreams, half pulling shit out of my ass. 

With that out of the way, LET’S DO THIS!!

Spider-fans have waited since LAST E3 for even a morcel of news and received nothing. Sorry, but a PS4 Pro trailer of footage that we’ve already seen is doesn’t count as new. Nice try, Insomniac. Aside from the new God of War, this is easily Sony’s biggest exclusive. 

That’s why I predict that Spider-Man PS4 will open the show, showing us REAL gameplay, the name of the game, and a mid-2018 release date. Hell! I could even see Tom Holland out there promoting  the Spider-Man: Homecoming movie, too. Yes, I know.. there’s no connection between them but it is a Sony film. 

Next we will have some 3rd party loving. Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer because Star Wars is ‘best on PlayStation’. Destiny 2 gameplay trailer, some talk about the exclusive content. Next! COD: WWII. Gameplay trailer, exclusive content, yadda yadda. Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer. Same as the other three.

Then the fun continues. Final Fantasy VII Remake time. New explosive trailer. Then a release date. End of November..2017. BOOM! Shocker of the show. 

New Kingdom Hearts III trailer. Fall 2018.

A big franchise is getting a PS VR exclusive title. Also expect a montage of smaller VR games coming to PS VR.

Dreams beta starts… NOW. We’re shown a gameplay trailer, Media Molecule is excited that we finally get to play their latest creation.

Capcom unveils their latest major title. Perhaps Deepdown is back? I don’t see them revealing the Resident Evil 2 Remake until PSX 2018.

Next? Gran Turismo Sport trailer, release date. September 2017. Thank you for waiting. 

KNACK PART II!!! Early September 2017 release!!! Cerny be praised!!!

Now we hit God of War. Amazing new footage. Your mind is blown. March 2018. 

Shenmue III is here to put your mind back together for you, but that won’t happen until 2018. Sorry, Shen Brahs. However, we do get a Shenmue 1 + 2 HD Collection to hold us over until then, this Fall. 

A short Detroit: Become Human trailer, expect more at Paris Games week later this year. 

New Days Gone trailer. Summer 2018.

A teaser for the new Sucker Punch game. Short, yet exciting. Perhaps it’s that Sleepwalker game?

Oh, and one more thing. HIDEO KOJIMA materializes from thin air. We close the show with a ten-minute trailer showcasing Death Stranding‘s gameplay. Also, we see the first look at the heroine of game. Still no release date. BOOOOOM!!

Shawn Layden walks out and thanks everyone for attending and watching at home. Fin.

There you have it! Not many new games announced, instead focusing on the titles that we currently know about. Seriously, why announce more games when there’s a plethora of titles to showcase?! 

I know I’m probably 100% off with these predictions but damn did I have fun predicting them!! What are you predictions?! Let us know in the comments below!!