This is proof that our Japanese Brahs get some REALLY kickass exclusives in their home country!! While the Dragon Quest fandom has grown a bit in the rest of the word compared to Japan, it is no where near the powerhouse that it is there. Will we see this beautiful custom PS4 Slim here when Dragon Quest XI launches in the US/ EU come 2018? Doubt it. Doesn’t mean you can’t import it!!! 

BEHOLD! The Dragon Quest XI 1TB PS4 SLIM!!!

I mean, Damn!!! Look at the box it comes in!! It’s a work of art!!!! You also get a custom theme, some DLC, that Liquid metal Slim USB cover, and that pretty controller. All for 39,980 yen on July 29!

While you wait, you could always watch this trailer they made just to announce this custom PS4..