Hot diggity damn! You know all The Peeps at Sony are doing backflips across the office aisles at the moment. Ahead of tomorrow’s official financial earnings, SuperData has estimated that Sony has indeed reached the mighty 60 million PS4’s sold goal. Holy Moly, Brah. That is iNsAnE!

They also estimated that the Microsoft has moved around 33 million XB1 consoles, though that figure is still unclear, seeing as how Microsoft has shared those numbers in quite some time. 

The future of Sony and the PlayStation brand likes bright. With E3 right around the corner, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of moves Sony makes to continue their dominance of the  gaming console industry. Price cuts? New bundles? More revised consoles? Tons of games to play on the PS4? Fo’ Sho’!!!

Look for all the official news tomorrow. I gotta feeling Sony is going to go into extra detail with the earnings tomorrow. Can’t wait to see the real numbers, Brahs!