It seems plenty of JRPG fans might have missed out on Final Fantasy XII back when it released on the PS2. For those of you who did, nows your chance to do so in Remastered 1080P!! But that’s not all! This is the Zodiac Age edition, which introduces a job system to the game that was previously exclusive to the re-release of the Japanese version. 

Other additions include:

  • You can now select two job classes per character.
  • There is now an overlay map and turbo boost, allowing you to increase the speed of the game. QoL improvements!
  • Switch between Japanese and English voice on the fly.
  • Ability to choose from original or Remastered music.
  • Vaan’s abs have been remastered to look more natural.
  • Auto-save feature and much improved load times.

The newest trailer teases you with the epic storyline AND shows off some Remastered gameplay.

I had over 120 hours in the original version and still didn’t hit 100%. So If you’re looking for top notch JRPG content, Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age is it.

If you’re interested, or playing the game again because it’s a fantastic entry in the Final Fantasy series, get ready to save the kingdom on July 11 in the US and Europe.