Here's a bit of bad news. Upon firing up Resident Evil 7, you're asked to join the Resident Evil Ambassador program. You'll get all the latest and greatest updates pertaining to the RE Universe. So here's your sad update:

The "Not a Hero" storyline DLC which was originally going to launch this Spring, has been delayed until further notice. Here's the official PR talk from Capcom.

They also posted a short video on YouTube  explaining their decision. 

While this is a bummer to all of us Resident Evil fans, I would rather have some quality content than some rushed garbage, ya know?? Take your time, Capcom. When it's ready, we will be here, ready to see why 'HE' went Evil. That SOB. I guess someone should go tell Aunt Rhody the bad news?

Stay tuned to The PlayStation Brahs for all your Resident Evil needs!