You might want to renew those acting classes. I asked you once today to act surprise when Activision official unveiled Call of Duty: WWII. Now I’m asking to you act surprised once again. Sega is working on a new Yakuza game!!! I can’t believe a sequel to one of their best selling IPs is being made!! 

Series Director Toshihiro Nagoshi was about the series future during the Famitsu Awards 2016 and Nagoshi confirmed what we all knew: the next Yakuza is baking in the oven and will be shown sooner than we think! BOOM!! How about that, Yakuza Brahs?!? 

While we know the game won’t focus on Kiryu’s story (spoiler: It concludes with Yakuza 6), that doesn’t mean they can’t make another prequel!! YAKUZA 00!!!!! Now you play as Kiyru and Goro On the playground, kickin’ bully a$$ and taking all the lil’ girls out to McDonald’s for Happy Meals. Damn! Do I smell a spinoff?! CALL ME SEGA, The Brah is READY FOR THIS!!!

While you wait for the future Yakuza title, we still have to wait for Yakuza Kiwami in August and Yakuza 6 in early 2018. D-d-double nice!!!! 

Yakuza ain’t never gonna end, Brah!