lol Hey! Drawn To Death fans!! You ready for an update? Yes. Yes you are! Time to cleanse yourself of all the blood/ violence for a moment to download/ install the latest updates / fixes, yo.

Here’s some deets:

  • New Stuff
  • Easter items
  • Character Videos are in
  • Vertigo map goes live next week
  • Tuning
  • Cyborgula Dash R2 on tap
  • Golden Gun: doesn’t show up in 2v1, base damage nerfed slightly
  • evils riff damage changed to 50HP on first impact, additional 25HP on second impact.
  • JRPG homing nerfed to lose tracking after 5 seconds, has a smaller collider radius
  • Ice can/Sniper nerfed: Reduced headshot multiplier damage of Suzanne
  • Fister radius expanded
  • Russian Jackhammer bullet spread increased slightly, bullet bending aim assist reduced for hip fire.
  • Bloodbath hallway ghost has better collision
  • Bugs
  • Fixed Level 15 trophy award. You should get it automatically.
  • Fixed Cyborgula zombie bug where you don’t die at 0% health
  • Fixed issue with matchmaking while in a 2 player session in ranked. Players will now be able to start a match on 2v1.
  • Fixed terrible Team Deathmatch bug where one guy leaves and the teams are all messed up.

David and his team also released a 16-minute video if you want more details on the changes!

Now get back to the violence, Brah!!!