Square Enix is ready to unleash Dragon Quest XI and it’s much sooner than most people expected!!! Today during the (Japanese) release date event, it was announced that July 29 will be the day people call out of work to get their hands on DQXI!! What could this mean for the rest of the world? If Persona 5‘s release is any indiciation, we could be looking at an early 2018 for the rest of Quest fans!

The game will reportedly have a 50 hour storyline and when adding in side-quest, should net gamers a call 100 hours total of playtime. Sony has plans at a later date to announce their own hardware bundle, so stay tuned for that news.

If you need more DQXI in your life right now, watch the official PlayStation 4 trailer, plus 3 vids full of PS4 gameplay and exploring!!!

Now to play the waiting game. Too bad I know 0.0000% of the Japanese language because I would totally import this bad boy if I did! 

Are you Dragon Quest fans hyped for DQXI?