If you’ve followed this site for enough time, you know I’m a huge Parappa The Rapper fan. Have been since the original PlayStation days. Something about that little dog and his sweet lyrics has always had a special place in my gaming heart. So when Sony announced the Remastered edition at PSX 2016, I was excited to know that a whole new generation of PlayStation gamers could experience the game. The game release just this past Tuesday, to my excitement, so I was on it like white on rice.

Should longtime fans get down with it again?

What about new age PlayStation fans, who keep hearing us old gamers talk about it?

Read my review and I’ll explain why I think you should add Parappa to your playlist.

Seeing as how this is a remaster of a PS1 game, you might be wondering how the game looks. Worry not, as the game looks fantastic. I’m playing it in 4K and boy howdy, do the colors really come to life. Here’s a comparison below of 20 years ago on the PS1 to now.

As you can see, lines are crisp. Colors really pop out you. Everything is so clean. They did a phenomenal job remastering the visuals of the game. Kinda of like when I saw the show ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’ for the first time in HD. Seeing the colors and characters in 4K made this Parappa fanboy go ‘Wow’.

However, the cut-scenes are still PS1 quality and oh man, do they look bad. I mean, it’s not a deal breaker, but couldn’t someone have updated them even a little bit? You go from 4K/ 1080P to boob tube resolution. It’s not like the storyline is going to a prize a BAFTA award for writing and you’re going to be glued to the storyline like Horizon or what not, but come on. Maybe give them a little bit of love?

How does the game play? Well, the formula for Parappa is simple. Simple enough that gamers of any age can pickup the controller and start to feel the funky flow. The game is a simon-says rap battle. Your ‘Master’ goes first, then you simply copy the button commands that they did. Easy? Yes. Fun? Oh yeah. Your timing of hitting those buttons with the rhythm is judged from ‘cool’ to ‘awful’. If you begin to suck, it even effects the stage, as it begins to fall apart. Fun stuff. Most of the time.

Because at times, it can be a pain in the arse! The ‘Cheap Cheap’ stage back in 1996 was a pain and it still is, 20 years later. Add-in the lag issues with HDTVs and you’re going to have a hair-pulling experience. I’ve talked to several other gamers about their experience and they have shared similar stories.  I’m not sure if that one stage needs a patch or if it’s suppose to be THAT DAMN DIFFICULT. Something isn’t right about it, cause you’re going to be replaying it a few times to clear it. Unless you have the magic touch, which I did not.

THANKFULLY the songs for each stage are addictive. No joke. I’ve been singing these songs the past 20 years of my life. Hell, even my fiancée admitted this morning that the songs were getting stuck in her head. They’re that good. I don’t know who wrote them or performed them but they did one helluva job. It couldn’t have been the same team as the second game, because  I don’t remember any of them. If this is your first time playing the game, you’re going to have “kick, punch, it’s all in the mind”‘ stuck in your head for days. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. The songs are infectious!

In terms of new content, don’t expect anything to help celebrate 20 years of Parappa. I mean, you can choose to turn vibration on in your controller so you can “feel the beat”. Wooow. This is more or less a remaster of the PSP version released in the 2006, so you DO get remixes of the songs annnnnd that’s about it. The game is priced accordingly at $14.99, as your more or less paying for the definitive version of Parappa The Rapper. 

One bonus for all of you trophy hunters is going to be the ease of obtaining the Platinum trophy. You more or less need to play each of the six stages, 3 times each, plus do a few other simple things here and there to get yourself a cheap AND easy platinum.

Do I wish there would have been some kind of new content? Sure. Do I hope they patch Cheap Cheap’s stage? YES. Is this the definitive version of the hottest mixtape this side of the PS4? Oh hell Yeah. The game’s visuals look fabulous and the songs are still addictive as ever. In the end, I GOTTA BELIEVE the game is worth the price of admission.

7 out of 10.