Well, we all know who’s a fan of HBO’s Westworld, eh? Back in December it was revealed that screenplay writer Halley Gross, famous for her work on said series, was the co-writer for The Last of Us Part II. 

Fast-forward until today, when actress Shannon Woodward, who plays Elsie in Westworld, revealed that she has a role in the highly anticipated sequel!!! NICE!!

She looks happy to be working with PlayStation Jesus. As she should be. Neil is a gift from the gaming gods, gracing us with such fantastic titles, such as The Last of Us and Uncharted 4. Shu be praised!!! Shu. Be. Praised.

OK, that last part is a joke. Kinda. SERIOUSLY THOUGH, it’s pretty cool to see legit Hollywood actors/ actresses excited to be a part of the game! HYPED!!

The Last of Us Part II is currently in the PlayStation oven, as The Master Chefs over at Naughty Dog do their thang. Best of luck, Brahs.

Now excuse me while I go and finish Westworld. I’m so behind. Thank the maker for HBO GO!