Commonly known as the fighter that “had an arcade mode at launch”, King of Fighters XIV has given fighting game fans plenty to talk about. A roster of over 50 characters. A recent update that improved the visuals. Solid online network. Plenty of different modes to enjoy. SNK kinda  embarrassed Capcom with the way they’ve handled Street Fighter V since it launched. 

Today SNK adds more to KOFXIV, with Update 2.0, four DLC characters, and two free stages! There’s 24(!!!) pages of updates and changes, so we will instead focus on some of the highlights.

  • Updated the SNK logo when launching the game
  • Improved training mode functionality: Added multiple recording slots, random play, and REVERSAL recording & play.
  • Improved training mode functionality: Added “limitless” setting for “1P Max Mode Gauge” and “2P Max Mode Gauge”.
  • During the 4th and 8th stages of the Story Mode, the opposing team will consist of at least one DLC character and one of the newly released stages will be selected.
  • When an opponent is KO’d, the game will stop for a brief instant to highlight the KO.
  • Video sharing and screenshot functions can now be used in all modes.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
  • Improved room searching functionality for Free Match.
  • 6 player colors are now available in Party Battle.
  • Adjusted the attribution of points for “Rank33”.
  • The process by which the system judges disconnection penalties has been adjusted to be stricter.
  • Added a page-turning function for the selection of titles in MY PROFILE.
  • Netcode improvements.

If you gotta know every little change or update, here’s the full 24-page rundown of updates. 

If you’re in the business of wanting to purchase the DLC characters, they’re now LIVE on both the US and EU PlayStation Store. $5.99 each or $19.99 for the four-pack ($17.99 for PS+ Users). Nothing wrong with saving some money if you need the additional peeps to kick some azz against your friends or online.

Here’s the trailer for the two newest stages, plus all four trailers for the DLC characters. Enjoy!