(SPOILERS, YO!) One of my biggest gripes with FFXV‘s storyline is the fact that main villain, Ardyn, kinda does things for half the game, teases you with those crazy origin, then you learn nothing about it. I know I’m not the only person who a bit confused as to why it revealed, then quickly forgotten.

Well, it looks like Square Enix is planning to delve into his mysterious past! In an interview with Italian gaming website Game Legends, FFXV Director Hajime Tabata came clean. There will be some kind of content covering Ardyn’s past.

We do have plans for something like that. Please look forward to it.

YES!! THANK YOU!!! I’m glad we will be able to play the complete edition of this game at some point in 2017. Thank the crystal!! He is also talked about the fact that the online mode will have a beta. Cool story, bro.

Ok, I apologize for saying “complete edition” of FFXV. It was clearly a finished game lacking major story points because the team wanted to focus on Noctis’s story over everyone else. I do recommend giving it a chance if you find it for cheap. Did you guys enjoy FFXV?