Sometimes.. when you’re searching for something good to write about, you come across an article that you think is going to be FIRE. Absolute FIRE. But then you realize it’s more of a candle.

For example: Game Informer tells you they have comments from the President of Naughty Dog, Evan Wells, about the storyline for The Last of Us Part II. Oh, they did. IN A VIDEO. AT THE END. Evan mentions Neil Druckmann told him about TLoUPII storyline pitch, he told Game Informer his feelings about it.

it’s going to be amazing .

Well sonuvabitch. Ya’ done got me, Game Informer. I clicked, I watched your video regarding all the snazzy exclusive Uncharted Lost Legacy content, and you got the views you need. At least it wasn’t as bad as the one website that dissected a FFXV interview into like, 5 different articles before they even released the full-fledge interview.

So yeah. Here’s the video! Which I do recommend watching. Evan talks about the goals for Naughty Dog and how they couldn’t keep enough quality employees to have two teams. Like, damn. Who the hell wouldn’t want to work for Naughty Dog?!

Look for Uncharted Lost Legacy later this year and The Last of Us Part 2019? #Igottabelieve