Ok, hear me out. You need to remember that Microsoft owns Minecraft now. You didn’t forget did you? Didn’t think so. Sony published the Vita edition of Minecraft in Japan back in October 2014. It then went on to become the first game that Sony published to sell over a million copies in over a DECADE. In their home country. Yowza.

What did Sony quickly realize? They had a new market: YOUNG GAMERS, BRAH!!

When speaking with Trendy Nekki, head of Sony Computer Entertainment Japan, Atsushi Morita explained why kids are the future focus on the PS Vita, all thanks to Minecraft. 

As for the Vita, since Minecraft came out in October 2014, we’ve been able to actively bring on board kids—that is, younger gamers. From henceforth as well, we’re going to continuing concentrating on the PS Vita and increase the number of younger [PS Vita] users. This year, we also plan on developing an IP that’s aimed at children. 

Don’t get me wrong. There’s still plenty of niche JRPGs coming to the device. But look what Sony said! They’re working on an IP for the Little Brahs!!! The children have stolen (or did they save?) our beautiful device!! 

So when people say that Sony ditched the Vita in most regions, you can be like, “Yo, they totes’ still care about it in Japan”. You stand tall and defend you ground, as they’ll probably proceed to beat you up and steal your lunch money. The joke is on them though, as there’s already PS Vita games announced for 2018. Yuuuuuuup.

One thing to never, ever forget.

Vita means Life. 

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