The lifeline of any MMORPG is the millions (AND MILLIONS) of gamers who flock to live out their gaming fantasies. Final Fantasy XIV is no exception to this rule. Square Enix charges a monthly-fee of $14.99 and for first-time users, a 14-day free trial to get a taste of what some call the best Final Fantasy game in years.

Well, changes are coming, Brah! In an attempt to secure more users, Square Enix is changing all the rules. What use to be a 14-day trial now let’s you play most content up to level 35!!! One of the coolest parts? If you had a previous free trial and stopped after the 14-days, you can jump right back in!! 

Square Enix sent out a PR statement, clarifying some of the finer points and details. 


“Experience” indeed. Looks like it’s time for The Brah to give FFXIV a solid chance. To all my fellow Brahs that already enjoy the game, tell me how much you love it! I hear it’s one of the best MMORPGs available today. 

Will you be trying this new extended trial?