Sony have been doing it since the original PlayStation. Introducing smaller, more cost effective versions of your favorite gaming consoles. Hell, the PS3 had three different versions! Saving money is part of business and each ‘slim’ version helps lower manufacturing cost.

It looks like the 3rd ‘makeover’ that started with the PS3 could continue with the PS4. According to, Sony will indeed introduce an even SLIMMER version of the PS4 this year.

In addition, Microsoft is also planning to release a new Xbox game console codenamed Project Scorpio and the product is expected to be announced at the E3 2017 event, targeting the year-end holiday season. Sony is expected to release a thinner version of its PlayStation 4.

That’s some big news, Brah! Drop the price of it by $50 and the price of the PS4 Pro around the time when Scorpio and Mario Odyssey release. Sony going for The Blood this Holiday.

Of course, this is all RUMORED. So take it with The Salt, Brah. 

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