Here we go!! First it was Target leaking Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, then it was Destiny 2 getting leaked! Now it’s Call of Duty 2017 aka Call of Duty: WWII!! Someone better call Mario and Luigi, cause this leak is YUUUUUUUGE!

Youtube user “TheFamilyVideoGamer” busted the faucet and told the world that he did, unleashing a flood of concept artwork for marketing material. Take a look at all of this!!!

Activision wasn’t kidding when they said Sledgehammer Games’ CoD was going back to the basics!!! WORLD BRAH II!!! OMG!!!!!

Ain’t it funny how the name is so basic, too? It’s almost as if another franchise had a successful approach with it last year.. hmmm.. 

What do you think, Brah? Elaborate scheme or the real freagin’ deal?! Guess we will known soon enough!!!