With just under two weeks to go, Atlus is ready to blow the minds of JRPG fans worldwide with Persona 5! Today they totally blew my mind with their unboxing of the Persona 5 Take your heart Premium Edition. Thankfully I pre-ordered a copy the day the announced them, as this edition looks Brahmazing!!! The video is close to 9 minutes, but worth watching.

Oh man, I can not wait to get my copy. It’ll be ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!!! Maybe I’ll do my own unboxing video, So that you can watch the tears of joy roll down my face. Persona 5 is taking my heart, Brah…AND I DON’T MIND!!!

Also, one more thing. If you’re still waiting to see if the game is worth yo’ gaming dollars, the Brahs at PlayStation Access streamed 90 minutes of footage for you to watch. Get a taste of the game’s Brahsomeness and a look at the amazing menus. Seriously, they’re magnificent!!! 

April 4. A P R I L 4 ! ! ! ! Worldwide!!! Prepare to surrender dat’ heart!!!!