Toukiden 2 is an action RPG that feels different. Some will compare it to capcom’s Monster Hunter but it definitely has it’s own unique approach to the genre. The game is set in a dark fantasy world where you slay demons & giant beasts known as the oni from the other world.


Toukiden 2 allows you to create your own unique character & it gives you many options before you start your journey. The game has a huge open world setting unlike the previous games & you are set to do many missions, tasks & quests. Mahoroba is basically your base of operations where you can create weapons & armour plus you can also fortify & reforge them as long as you have the right materials. You also have a shop where you can buy weapons & armour plus there’s also a restaurant where you can eat to gain strength before you go out to do your tasks. You can also do favours for the people in Mahoroba to gain rewards. There’s tons of replay value off the missions & phases alone. You can go to HQ which is right in front of Mahoroba & accept the missions. You also have tasks which is basically the missions from the main story itself. The story took me around 20 hours to complete without doing much of the quests or phases but you can always go back & free roam to complete them once you finish the main story.


The game doesn’t have a personal leveling system for your character but you can fortify your weapons & armour to increase your attack & defence. In order to do that you must have materials from fighting giant beasts & completing certain missions. You can level up your mitama which is a spirit of many old warriors and have them equipped to help you during battle. You can unlock many mitama’s, some you can use for attack & defence purposes. You have a variety of weapons in this game plus you can buy & create more as well as your armour. Some weapons would give you the ability to side dodge similar to dark souls.


Toukiden 2 also has a 4 player online co op mode where you can do missions, patrols & have epic boss fights with your friends. Unfortunately you can’t play the main story with your friends but you’ll have hours of fun with the missions available.


The game has Japanese voice overs with English text. The story starts off with you joining the Professor with her robot assistant who becomes a member of your party and your job is to enter the otherword and fight against the oni to purify the local lands on your map.

The gameplay in Toukiden 2 isĀ it’s strongest point. The combat is fluid & satisfying plus you have many abilities like commanding your party to attack or aid. You can charge your attacks to get higher damage. Each weapon changes the flow during combat & you can be strategic. The demon hand also help you during a boss battle when you wanna attack the upper half of any giant beast. Your NPC party members are very reliable when you comes to battling the demons or reviving you when you’re down.

The graphics may not be photo realistic but it has a great art direction especially for a game that’s based in a dark fantasy world. The characters models look great & it has many different environments to explore. Toukiden 2 is a game that I definitely recommend.

8.5 out of 10