So, Hideo Kojima and various peeps from SIEA had a meeting of the minds today, most likely discussing something in regards to Death Stranding. Here’s the lovely picture Kojima tweeted.

Since we really don’t know what went down, I’m going to craft my own story of what happened. 

Sony Big Wig #1: Kojima-San, we would like you to showcase the first gameplay footage of Death Stranding at E3 2017.

* Kojima nods his head. *

Sony Big Wig #2: But, we have to make it special. That is why we are going to have you descend down from a Helicopter onto the stage. Then, you rip off your face AND IT ISN’T YOU, IT’S NORMAN REEDUS!! He then grabs a sword and stabs it through the heart of a giant scorpion! It’ll go viral! Ponies will love it!

Sony Big Wig #3: OMG! Genius!!!

Sony Big Wig 4: Double genius!!!

* Kojima Smiles. Mark Cerny, mastermind of the PS4, slides his glasses back up the bridge of his nose, doing his best Gendo Ikari. *

Mark Cerny: Excellent. Proceed with the plan. The PlayStation Domination project will prevail. We will crush the competition with the mighty force of Death Stranding. Bwuhahahaha!!

* Kojima smiles, as he Magically disappears. In his place is one of those weird babies from the Death Stranding trailers. *

Sony Big Wig #4: I ain’t paying child support.

Sony Big Wig’#5: Who wants ramen?!

Mark Cerny: RAMEN PARTY!!!

* Everyone exits the room, leaving the baby behind. It slowly turns to the camera, then sheads a single tear. *


Believe it or not, this could have happened. Probably didn’t, but we will never know!!

E3 is right around the corner. Can’t wait to see what kind of Death Stranding footage we’re going to see.