So if I had to pick between taking one of the heroines from Gravity Rush 2 out on a magical date, I’m pretty sure it would be Raven. Kat seems like a sweet girl, the perfect kind to take home to mother. Raven though? Oh lawdy, she would be nothing but trouble. That dark hair. Those mysterious eyes. Dem’ curves. Raven is my #WCW!! But the thing is, it’s only Tuesday!! RAVEN IS BAE!!

Um. Before I start the Raven Facebook fan club, here’s the links to the US and EU downloads of the FREE Gravity Rush 2: The Ark of Time – Raven’s Choice, as they’re both LIVE and FREE!!

America click here!! 

Europeans click here!!! 

Now excuse me while I go and search for Raven cosplay ideas for my fiancée..