We all have been waiting for this game.  It has been through the beta and then fell off the face of the earth, but the release is finally upon us.  So, many of you probably wonder if this is for you.  Well, I will say this is for those of us who loved Twisted Metal and love the whole Unreal Tournament feel. Brace yourselves, I’m about to drop some awesome knowledge on your faces!

We all remember plugging all those hours into the Twisted Metal series. Who can forget the first time we got to meet such iconic characters as Sweet Tooth and Mr. Grimm?  From the mind of David Jaffe and the folks over at The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective, we now have Drawn to Death. This isn’t just another shooter, oh no sir, this is an edgy take on the arena shooter genre for sure.  

I want you to imagine Twisted Metal, but without cars.  That’s exactly what Drawn to Death is! The weapons offer the over-the-top imaginary you would expect from the mind of David Jaffe and such! While I did get to spend quite a few hours in the beta, understand that this is the game that us Twisted Metal fans have been waiting on!  


Everything has that hardcore sketched image as if they are fighting directly on a sheet of paper in front of you.  Each character is someone to remember and all have signature special moves as well.  From Diabla Tijuana throwing her hat as it morphs into a spike covered weapons and then there is Alan who is the lovable Teddy bear with a chainsaw that can throw a revved up chainsaw at you from across the screen!

So, with all those things to look forward to, I hope you are excited for Drawn to Death as I am.  The game carries such a degree of rawness that isn’t seen today.  If you have been waiting for the next Twisted Metal, then this will definitely fill that void till it comes along.