One of the most popular PS VR titles so far in Japan has been Bandai Namco’s Summer Lesson. If you know anything about the game, then you probably know why. You’re the tutor of high school student Hikari Miyamoto. She’s young, she’s cute, she’s wearing one of those school girl outfits that guys fantasize over. 

Yes, the game is a bit..odd, yet there’s a market for it, as it’s the best selling PS VR game released in Japan. It is also getting a PS4 Pro Patch, an Asian physical release (with English subtitles!!)….and a 5ft real-life size doll of Hikari for the small price of $24,000. Here she is, in all of her beauty.

I could think of better things to spend $24K on (like a new truck!), but if you love the game SO FREAGIN’ MUCH, I suppose this would be the ultimate ‘hands-on’ experience. I mean, you could play the game and hold her hand or rub her hair or, OR… I think I’m gonna too deep into the rabbit hole here. BACK TO REALITY!
If you’re interested in the Asian version of the game with English subtitles, get to it, Brah.

If you want the link to pre-order the 5ft doll, then that’s on you. Sorry, Brah!!!