Almost one year in and Naughty Dog has kept their promise! A steady flow of multiplayer content was planned before the release of Uncharted 4, as that trend continues this week.

Arriving this Friday, we will be receiving a permanent ‘King of the Hill’ mode, but with a twist. 

After the score limit has been reached, the losing team has one last chance to make a comeback through what we call the Victory Hill. The leading team must capture the Victory Hill to win, but if the losing team takes it, they get a second chance at glory.

Is the way Scott Lowe of Naughty Dog explained it over at the PlayStation Blog. Fun twist on the classic formula.

There will also be 3 new weapons – the INSAS and Type-95 long guns, along with a scoped competition rifle. 

The coolest part about this entire update is the fact that there will be character skins available for select heroes and villains based on the comic back series Savage Starlight that you come across in the post-apocalyptic world of The Last of Us. That’s how you do fan service, Brah!

Look for update 1.21 this Friday.