The time is almost here. Humanity’s search for a new planet to ‘seed’ will soon begin. Those with early copies have brought attention to the fact that the game is running a bit rough. A few patches have been detailed as the game is now available for pre-load on the PSN in North America, coming in at the download size of 45.21GB. 

Here’s a complete rundown of what the updates do:

Version 1.01

  • Improvements to Strike Teams UI screens
  • Additional multiplayer tutorials implemented
  • Balance: guns, loot drops, reward packs, objectives scoring
  • Improved appearance of character portraits
  • Adds new artwork for MP characters, armor, challenges in menu and codex entries
  • Improvements to many cinematics, conversations, and other character interactions
  • Improvements to quest tracking and waypoints
  • Improved quest rewards
  • Fixes various collision issues and a few rare audio issues
  • Performance improvements

Version 1.02

  • Quest balancing
  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 1.03

  • Various bug fixes and stability improvements

All 3 updates total to a Day One Patch size of 2.3GB for all of us who bought the physical version. 

It will be most interesting to see what kind of improvements these updates make to the overall experience. Reviews for the game hit this Monday, so we will know soon enough if the game is worth buying right away.

Mass Effect Andromeda releases on March 21 in North America and March 23 across Europe.