If your anything like me, back in the day you loved the crash mode in the Burnout Series.  Just being able to take your car at full speed and rack up a monstrous amount of damage.  Well, if you enjoyed that then welcome to Dangerous Golf.  

 So here are you are, placed in a room that is ready to be destroyed.  All you have to do is hit the ball and watch the beauty of the destruction unfold.  With each piece of broken fragments that soar through the air, you are rewarded with an every growing score that continues to accumulate as you wreck havoc. 

For a pick up and play game, this is well worth it and tons of fun.  It has a 20 dollar price tag, but is well worth in my opinion.  It has multiplayer modes and tracks the high score among your friends on your friends list.  So, if you have the funds and want to have that same nostalgia as when you used to play crash mode in Burnout, then buy this.