There has been plenty of Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age news these days! It’s as if the game was going to release next month or something! Two special editions announced! Four different videos focusing on different elements of the game! Plenty of news!

Now I have some more news for ya! Perhaps you were wondering “Why Remaster FFXII?”. Well, Producer Hiroaki Kato has the answers for you!!

Several reasons. But since we worked on the original XII, we have a lot of memories associated with that title. And when Final Fantasy X came out as an HD remaster on the PS4 and became a successful title, we thought that maybe we should bring this one back as well. So we brought together the core members of the original development team.

And then another reason was that when we created the original XII, we actually made it relatively high spec. So we were always thinking that we wanted to create an HD version of it sometime in the future. But if we did that, I wanted to have the original members work on it as well. It was difficult trying to find a time when everyone could work together again, just because everyone was on different projects.

Hmm. Good memories + FFX Remastered sold well + Relatively easy to remaster = Easy money in the bank, Brah! Plus there’s groups of JRPG fans who missed out on it originally, so here’s their chance to play the very best possible version of Final Fantasy XII!

Look for Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age come July 11 (US and in Europe) with two different collector’s editions to choose from.