2017 is the 30th anniversary of the Dragon Quest franchise and Square Enix is going BIG with the next numbered entry in the series, Dragon Quest XI. SE has been dropping small updates monthly to keep Japanese fans hyped, as DQ is easily one of the biggest JRPGs in the land of the rising sun. 

Although the rest of us gamers outside of Japan might not be able to help the kingdom until 2018 (due to the translation process), that doesn’t mean we can’t be hyped, too! Take a gander at these six new screens.

She’s looking good, Brah!! If you’re a Dragon Quest fans who needs their kick, might I recommend Dragon Quest Heroes. As long as you don’t mind some Dynasty Warriors gameplay in your Dragon soup. Or, if you own a 3DS (GASP! Lol jk), the plethora of Dragon Quest games released on it. 

Dragon Quest XI is expected to release at some point this year in Japan. Very few details about the US and European releases dates have been mentioned.