If you’ve played Final Fantasy XV, then you know all about the beefcastle that is Gladiolus. Tall, dark, handsome with muscles upon muscles, plus all those tats? He’s certainly #MCM worthy. Uh, ok. Let’s get back on track here. 

Square Enix took the time at PAX East 2017 to show off a variety of there upcoming games. The latest Final Fantasy XIV expansion! Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age special editions! Dragon Quest Heroes II AND the first major piece of DLC for FFXV, Episode Gladiolus. 

Gladio needs to be stronger. He NEEDS to be at his best to protect the future King. He must finish the trials of GILGAMESH!! Check out the flashy trailer for Episode Gladiolus, as it kicks tons o’ ass!

Episode Gladiolus is ready for the challenge on March 28. Will you join Gladio in his quest for power?!