They always say “in space, no one can hear you scream”, but peeps certainly can when you stream!! Sony and Firespirte announced a new Sci-Fi horror title coming exclusively to PS VR. The Persistence. It sounds and looks Brahsome!! Here’s a devilish description of the game from the Brahs at Firespirte: 

Set on board a deep space scientific vessel called The Persistence in the year 2521, the ship arrives at the site of a collapsing star 17,000 light years from earth. While conducting a major experiment, a horrific incident occurs mutating many of the crew. As The Persistence is pulled into the gravity of the collapsing star, the ship’s computer, ‘IRIS’ wakes remaining members of the crew from cryogenic sleep – one at a time. Can you stay alive long enough to save The Persistence?

The Persistence is procedurally generated. Every time you die and a new character is awoken by IRIS, the layout of the ship has changed. Every life will play out differently, with different enemies to face, items to find and power-ups to collect.
Survival requires you to be stealthy and VR is the perfect match for this. Sneaking around and hiding behind cover; it’s second nature in VR to just lean round or peek over cover to gain the advantage.

Your friends can also help out by connecting to the game with their phone or tablet and hacking into the ships computer. Once in the ship’s system, players get to control doors, freeze or distract enemies, disable traps and find hidden items to scavenge for the VR player. Be aware though, sometimes the tablet player gets rewarded if you die, do you trust your friends?

If you want to see the game in action, might want to watch this..with the lights ON!!!

Don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely wanting to get some eyes-on with this game!!  

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