Brah. Did you only expect one?!? GET REAL!!! This. Is. FINAL FANTASY!!!!! At the same panel that Square Enix dropped four new FFXIITZA vids at, they also dropped news that there will be TWO different special editions! One special edition for a major release? That’s so 2005. 

Do you love snazzy steelbooks? Do you want it for the SAME PRICE as the normal edition? OF COURSE YOU DO!!! Look at it!!!

I still own my original CE of Final Fantasy XII on the PS2, so I’m getting this one, fo’ sho’. For MAJORLY MAJOR FINAL FANTASY fans, Square Enix has the $200 edition for you!!!

Exclusive steelbook! Judge Magisters bust set! 6 card set! Collector’s edition case!! Your wallet is CRYING!!!! Only available at the Square Enix Store!!!! $199.99!!!
Oh! The standard edition also has reversible cover art, but BRAH. We’re all buying that steelbook edition, right?! RIGHT!

Dalmasca needs you on July 11 in the US and Europe! Will you answer the call to arms, Brah?!!?