SOLDIER!!! Are you ready to go on a mission to blast alien ass?!?! Scared? Oh, I know you are. I see them boots shaking!! Stop your worrying. Impulse Gear, developer of Farpoint, the next big PS VR title, broke news that the game will feature a co-op mode for you and your pal to blast alien scum..TOGETHER!! How sweet is that?

Seth Luisi, Co-founder of Impulse Gear talked about his excitement regarding the co-op mode.

More shocking than an alien spider jumping at your face, I’m happy to reveal Farpoint co-op! The undiscovered planet in Farpoint is unpredictable and dangerous, but no longer does it have to be a solitary experience. You and a friend can explore the planet together in cooperative levels.

Farpoint places you on on a distant hostile world with your only chance of survival and escape being to uncover its secrets and reunite with your team. In addition to the full single-player campaign, sharing the virtual world of Farpoint in co-op has been a key objective of the project from the beginning.

Farpoint features four new online* co-op levels at launch — each level designed to challenge the combined firepower of two players with teams competing for the highest score.

Seth also re-confirmed that yes, you can play the game without the PS VR Aim controller. However, the aim controller provides you with the ultimate accuracy to blast 20 foot tall alien spiders. Believe me. I used it at PSX 2016. It was lightweight, felt great, and provided me the ability to blast those wicked aliens with ease. As a PS VR owner, I’m pretty hyped to play this game again!

Farpoint hits stores on May 17 for $49.99 / $59.99 (CAN)/ €59.99/£49.99(EU) OR you can go with the bundle that also includes the PS VR Aim Controller  for $79.99/ $99.99 (CAN)/€89.99/£74.99 (EU).